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7 Shades of Love Poetry needs YOUR poems


I NEED YOU! I am compiling an anthology called 7 Shades of Love. 7 Shades of Love is based on the 7

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colours of the rainbow and their inferred meanings. If you have a poem about love, relationships and dating please submit your poem here! Poems can be of any length, format or style. Below are the colours broken down into themes. Red: Passion, fire, security, a sense of belonging, safety Orange: creativity, passion, addictive relationships/love eroticism Yellow: Losing power within a relationship, finding our power, abusive relationships, hope Green: Self Love, heartbreak, losing Love, finding Love, Loving ourselves, new love Blue: Feeling blue, finding our voice, expressing our Love Indigo: Opening our eyes, finding out who we are in a relationship, self realisation,

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fantasy love Violet: True Love, Unconditional Love, realisation, Love encompasses all I can’t wait to read your entries! Good luck! Daniella

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