7 Shades of Love


What is Love? An eclectic mix of poets from all over the world explore the different shades of love through verse, haiku and free verse. Fusing Eastern and Western philosophies and beliefs, Blechner examines the 7 Shades of Love.

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Product Description

Author Daniella Blechner takes a unique approach to the ways in which various people, all poets, have dealt with love. Psychologists classify love as an emotion, others deem it the highest of all universal frequencies. In a somewhat surprising correlation between the vital chakras of the human body and the ways in which we connect to and separate ourselves from love, Blechner illuminates how our energetic frequencies can influence our approach to love by a simple shift in balance.

She’s combined this with modern psychology and added the artistic writings of people from around the world in haiku, rhyme, and free verse.

7 Shades of Love is a comforting read that will help you connect to the people in your world through a better understanding of yourself, letting you attract the relationships you want and assuring you that you’re grounded in the universe.





Whether you like poetry or not, you will be in for a treat; 7 Shades of Love is much more than a poetry collection. What attracted me, apart from the striking book cover’s image and poems, was the 7 shades, which turn out to be the colours of the rainbow and each colour, from red to violet, leads you beautifully and smoothly into each section of the poems.

The book’s unique quality of exploring the subject of love in 7 shades of colour adds a fascinating layer to the question of what is love? As well as exploring love through colours, Daniella delves into their associated meanings through both Eastern and Western traditions and beliefs.”

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