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Let Dreams Win Over Doubt and Fear


So I am close to achieving my Dream of being a published author. I have dreamt of this since I was

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4years old. The transition from ‘doing what you’ve always done’ and taking that final leap is an interesting one. Up until this point I have had absolute faith that what I am doing is right and that publishing Mr Wrong and my anthology 7 Shades of Love is the goal but the goal is so much more than that. When it

comes to our Dreams with it comes a great sacrifice (for me anyway.) I have found I’ve had to give things up. Sometimes we have to give up our job or toxic people and relationships, sometimes we have to block out the critical chimes of ‘you can’t do it’ ‘what would so and so think’ or ‘you’re mad to quit your job.’ I have found as I’ve delved deeper into this Dream that I have invested so much

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time and energy into not just the writing of the book but the research, questionnaires, speaking to people across the world and making them feel comfortable enough to share their stories. On that basis alone, I am blessed! That is all without having to learn how to publish and market a book and set up a website! And to think this time two years ago when I began this process I did not even know what a blog was! I have learnt that when we are aligned with our purpose we cannot allow any negativity in. We must surround ourselves with positive people who support and encourage you and those wish you well. I am a very self critical person as it is. Although I was confident in myself I always hid my achievements (unless sporting!) from others and hid from recognition or praise. If this is you you must be extra careful to protect yourself from Doubt and Fear and make sure you protect yourself daily through grounding positive affirmations, meditation or simply affirming your goals and Dreams to yourself. When you are close to your Dreams there comes moments and voices of Doubt and Fear. They tell you to give up and stop deluding yourself. They tell you that you must grasp tightly all those things you depend on for security for you are nothing without them, they tell you that you are kidding yourself and that you are not good enough. The trick is to say ‘thank you for speaking to me. I’m doing it anyway!’ and become more determined. #determination #dreams When I was 16 I wrote this poem as a message in our Year 11 class leavers book. I look to this words more than ever now. I hope this little poem helps to inspire you too in some way. ‘Look to the sky and don’t look back, Walk straight ahead and keep on track, You will succeed in all that you do, If you just believe people have faith in You.’ I have to believe in these words more than ever now. Thank you to everyone who has supported me thus far for Dreams cannot be built alone. Daniella ‘Dreams are nothing without conscious positive thought and action.’ Me

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