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7 Steps to Creating the Greatest Version of You!

Jan_flyer___Resized (1)7 Steps to creating the Greatest Version of You
is a Workshop led by the Heart with passion.

This workshop is for women who want to see a change in their lives and to be part of activating that change. This workshop is for women who want to create, evolve and be empowered; women who want to be the authors of their own destiny and explore their Inner Strength.

If this sounds like you keep reading….

7 Steps to creating the Greatest Version of You is an interactive workshop where you will:

-Identify your Needs, Wants and Desires

-Learn and practice Positive EFT

– Set and Voice Your Positive Intentions

– Transform Visualisations into Reality

                                                                                            – Experience the Power of Gratitude

                                                                                            -Love, Bless and Release past baggage and hurt

                                                                                            -Experience the Power of Forgiveness

                                                                                            -Create your own Vision Board

Take part in a fantastic relaxation class where you will focus on manifesting your intentions through breath work and movement.

Yoga sessions taught by my fabulous sister yoga teacher and celebrity personal trainer Francesca Blechner.

Through a series of group and individual exercises 7 Steps to Creating the Greatest Version of You will allow YOU, as a unique individual, to tap  into your Inner Guide and start painting a positive canvass for your life.  This is not about finding a man but about clearing away past hurt, focussing on our intentions and letting go of blocks. When we are able to do this fully, we leave room for positivity to to enter our lives; things that are a vibrational match to what we desire. You will be given a Workbook to practise your exercises, visualisations, meditations and reflections. So this 1 day workshop really does work with continual and mindful practise.

This promises to be a powerful and fun workshop. Bring plenty of water, images for vision board and wear loose clothing.

Read Testimonial here from Maeve Crawford, Relationship Educator and Healer

How Two Hours on Saturday Changed My Life- 7 Steps by Maeve Crawford

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"I just wanted to say a huge thank you to Danni Blechner and the other wonderful ladies I was able to share such a fabulous experience with. I was truly inspired that day and felt full of renewed hope and positive energy. I would recommend this day to all women, just a shame it wasn't longer. It was great to meet a group of people who all have such amazing qualities. Hope to repeat a similar workshop in the future. X"
~ Lucy Cole

I recently attended a fantastic workshop run by Danni Blechner called '7 Steps To  Creating The Greatest Version Of You' It was a really great experience with lots of warm, friendly women who filled the room with such amazing energy. I felt blessed to be a part of it. I'd recommend this workshop to anyone I gained some clarity with regards to my current job from the workshop and have already implemented some changes to do something that I have wanted to do for a while and felt that I got the push I needed here.  The EFT was great fun to learn and is a simple tool that anyone can  use to enhance their life.” 
~Terry Bennett
"It was a lovely May Saturday and have worked through your workbook. I'll definitely recommend your 7 Steps to my friends. Appreciate your spirit for life and bringing together a memorable day."


"I read Danni's Mr Wrong and related to it profusely.....I then saw that Danni was facilitating a workshop, I was eager to go but had apprehension; this was a personal barrier in respects to my confidence in trying something new and the fact that it would take me out of my comfort zone. I attended and the first person I saw was Danni, she was warm and welcoming which made me feel at ease. 

The workshop was intimate, amazing to be frank! It was engaging, everyone interacted, the other ladies were friendly and it was fun. Danni kept it relaxed and taught some invaluable techniques and provided us with a toolkit to utilise for life. Has this actually worked for me? Yes! I have been using my intentions, affirmations and vision board regularly and I feel so much more positive. The things that used to bother me before simply don' they're not important. I'm far more positive than I have ever been. There are some areas in my life where I see a positive change in relationships both in myself and others based on my thought process and simply having faith and executing forgiveness. Since the workshop, I have been asked if I'm high :P)  yes ...I reply, Yes...I am high; on life I have not stopped telling people about Danni and the workshop and I will be attending the next one and will be bringing others too. Danni is an amazing person, uplifts and encourages others and selflessly passes on invaluable teachings and practices for the purpose of self improvement and development" 
~ Simone Godfrey


"Having read Mr Wrong book and knowing how thorough Danni is I had high expectations of the workshophowever I wasn't expectant to feel evolved after one session; Seven Steps session lifted me on the Saturday morning and throughout my day. I was fuelled with positive energy through a therapeutic technique we practiced, experienced a shift of negative weight through a group meditation exercise, surrounded by supportive women, and boosted with confidence to share my visions for a more successful life. My next step is to work on the workbook and I intend to be back for a follow up course and the Yoga, Daniella Blechner is a teacher of excellence."

~Amanda Epe

"I just completed the 7 Steps to Creating the Greatest Version of You workshop and here’s what I have to say: The truth is, I really didn’t know what I was getting myself in to, but I did know that now felt like the right time to do this after having been invited many times before. 
I know Danni personally and I know she’s passionate about helping others with these workshops she’s created and facilitating people to move forward. These were all good reasons to see what this workshop is all about and indeed how it could help me in some way, as I will never say no to learning something new or developing myself for the greater good. After all no one knows it all and we are all on a journey. 
Danni, you really put your whole self in to the workshop; your presence, your time, your energy, your creativity and your ability to facilitate. Most importantly, you could feel just how much you cared that every person in the room was a part of the process and not left out in any way. You were thoroughly supportive and encouraging throughout. Having only ever seen the cover of the workbook, once I got to take a peek inside I thought that the material you provided looked great along with the addition of a surprise goody bag. The energy once we got going was indescribable. There was a huge amount of openness, sharing, support, vibrancy and positivity through the entire session. 
I’m not really one for meditation, but as soon as we closed our eyes I felt emotional and throughout the exercise itself, I felt a deep connection to the words and guidance we were given. I felt a huge release take place and it felt both amazing and very timely. The workshop has helped to re-motivate me towards my own business goals of which some are to carry on with my talks and workshops as I've since become disconnected from them due to all the changes I've gone through the past couple of months. I forgot just how much fun they are and how powerful leading a group can be as a facilitator. The workshop definitely came at the right time for me. I benefited from the workshop in more ways than I could have ever imagined at the outset, which was merely attending out of curiosity. I came with an open mind and have certainly left with a much more of an open heart.
Danni call it coincidence, but I slept so well the night of the workshop which for me was awesome. However, the big thing was that I saw a massive change the following morning. One of my vision board goals is better health and a better-looking body. When I woke up, I really struggled to be enthused for breakfast and many of my regular breakfast foods just weren't appealing to me, only the super healthy stuff I had in the fridge! I know I already feel different in some way, I'm enjoying reflecting back over the workshop and I’m really so glad I came and connected with some really beautiful people. To those of you who are curious, sat on the fence, or feel like you want to go but don’t know if you should… Just go to the workshop! The very fact it has even peaked your interest, or come across your radar means it has struck a chord. You will gain more by going along than not and there’s no better time than the present to instill positive change."
~ Anon
 "I want to give a big massive thank you to Danni Blechner for a wonderful workshop yesterday. I was inspired, uplifted and yes, focus is key. The energy from the group was amazing and powerful. It was lovely meeting and talking to all of these beautiful women. I stayed for the Yoga class and Francesca Joy Blechner, that was amazing. I felt so grounded and relaxed afterwards. I would love to come to more of your classes." 

~Sharon Milling

"On Saturday 30th January, I attended 7 steps to creating the better version of you. I had the pleasure of meeting some beautiful women who I just felt so connected too, we had such a great day full with positive learning, fun and laughter. I am now working on completing my vision board and feel so much more focus towards moving forward and achieving my own business by tapping into my gifts. I found the workshop so uplifting and our word for the day was FOCUS. This word has come to my mind everyday since attending the workshop, l am even meeting clients who are using the word focus, this is amazing. I want to thank the inspiring Danni Blechner for introducing 7 steps to creating the greatest version of you, keep up the great work you do."

~Elca Hoyte