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Reviews Mr Wrong

A Learning Curve for Us All

“The book ‘MR WRONG’ > I must say its quite a brilliant book and very thought provoking. It’s very interesting hearing where many women have failed or are failing during relationships with MR WRONG. Also I feel it is vital, equally vital hearing the now success stories with all of these women. Naturally as men we all have our insecurities and securities. It’s good for me personally in understanding myself also. I see myself positively as well as negatively in many of the MR WRONGS good aspects as well as bad. I find myself questioning me as a person and that can only be a positive thing. It’s undoubtedly a wake up call and learning curb. Being single in our thirties men and women it becomes obvious that there are elements to us that need nurchuring in order to sustain a healthy relationship. There is only one ever answer to why I am single in my thirties and that’s because I am not fully complete as a man to sustain one. Life and past relationships create frailties within us. Broken chapters lead to incomplete stories. It’s about finding balance, understanding oneself and our needs and what we require off our partners before we can hold down that fruitful person without walking down the same lonely roads / well done to this young author Daniella Blechner she and her fellow voices answers many questions us single folks have today”

~ Author DWMoxam West London


I Love the Style

I love the style with which Daniella wrote the book. The humour is mixed with truths that women need to read and heed. Well done, Daniella.

~Kemi, London


Love It!

I Love it !!!

~Susan, Oregan, USA


Different Mr Wrongs

If you would like to know the different types of men about, then read this book. It will give you a good insight.

~Marlene Walker- USA


Mr Wrong Lessons

“Mr Wrong is a distinguished and diverse self help book being that it is inspirational,  confessional, humorous, educational and universal. I was inspired by stories from women who overcome self blame particularly Alison Klippenstein. With two stories with titles on being guilty, contributors have confessed to their negative behavioural patterns. The illustrations and Mr Wrong characters infused humour and entertainment to the work. It also serves as an educational book as the author compiles stories into sections categorizing psychological behaviour and universal social concepts, from men and women globally.

Blechner reveals her natural abilities through this book as well as disclosing her personal journey. As a teacher she incorporates learning activities questions and quizzes throughout the book and creative exercises. It was intriguing to unveil the in-depth life and times from Daniella’s adolescent years to a young woman, her mistakes to her healing.

Grab this book for a ladies night, you’ll learn, laugh and maybe identify your man or yourself in a story. I did! “

~Amanda, South London, England


Five Stars!

Great book! Witty and informative definitely recommend”

~Jenna, Rushden


Brilliant Read!

A very insightful, funny and interesting book, also it’s book that both men and women can learn from. Don’t wait purchase

~Amde, South London


Wish I had this Book When I Was Single 

The Wanderer, Casanova, the snake, the player, the serial liar, the parasite, Mr. Loose eye, Mr. Dreamer, the mamas boy, …whatever you label him, he is what he is…(no, not a dog)…Mr. Wrong. You know what I am talking about, that guy you meet that one fabulous evening over drinks, who turns your world upside down, the one you envisioned walking down the aisle with after just a few dates, to only have that dream crushed by his inexcusable behavior months or even years later. Okay maybe you had that Happily Ever After vision with more than just one guy, like myself and if you haven’t……and you got it right and landed your Mr. Right on your first try, you’re either lucky or still blind by his charm.

Thankfully, Author Daniella Blechner sheds some light on the many forms of Mr. Wrong. Truth be told, I wish I had this book during the 15 years I struggled through my single years…. dating men that were oh so wrong for me. This book isn’t a relationship how-to book nor does it lecture you ….she gives it you straight, she doesn’t sugar coat it, she is that older sister (or that good friend) that rips the blindfold from your eyes unveiling the truth about your prince charming for he is nothing more than a wolf in sheep’s clothing.

While I read the inspiring stories of other women who encountered their own Mr. Wrong, I was reminded about the men that I dated who would so easily fit the categories that were listed in this book. (S*** where was I when Daniella was looking for stories)

~Jolene Cecil, USA


Good Book.

Good book!

~Taresa, USA


The Book Must Be Read

A very funny and probably very true account of what the female species experience during their search for that special one.

As well as being funny, it is also very moving and enlightening. Can definitely recommend this as a good read for men as well as women.”

~George Patterson, Koln, Germany


Book You Won’t Want To Put Down

This book is a fantastic read and very well written, I can’t put it down. Insightful, witty, reflective with lots of great tools included for self reflection and development. A great read but also real life lessons can be taken from it. I’ve shared it with so many friends already both men and women. 10/10

~Francesca, West London, England


Interesting book that uses humor to help search for Mr. Right

I love books that are and the bonus is smart and funny but it is it’s completely relateable. The stories of women from across the globe are the same that I hear from my own friends or have personally experienced. Daniella Blechner is able to expertly capture the good and the bad and offer real advice to women everywhere. Such a fun and refreshing read.”

~ Kris at, USA


I was fortunate enough to win a copy at the Croydon Waterstones book launch for Mr Wrong.It is a truly excellent relationship book – both in terms of the relationship with a partner (past, present or future) but also in terms of the relationship with one’s self.

Without doubt, as can be seen from the title alone, the primary focus of the book is around women’s relationships with men. However, the fundamental truths within the 290 or so pages should really apply to anybody and everybody. Indeed, it is one of the strengths of the book that it is sufficiently robust to potentially offer something for everyone. All one needs is an open mind, a willingness to learn and, perhaps above all, being honest in one’s self-appraisal.

Everyone’s journey with this book, and the subsequent value that they take will be a very personal one dependent upon their own experiences in life. It is a journey well worth taking.

From my own perspective, the book greatly helped crystallise a clear perspective on why my relationship with my late wife was so good yet, conversely, the rest of my life has been littered with failed and misfiring relationships.

As I say, a journey well worth taking!

Very highly recommended.”

~A Book Lover


Mr Wrong: Learn From Mr Wrong and Claim Mr Right is an intelligent, thought-provoking and insightful guide to understanding men and relationships with them. Author Daniella Blechner provides the reader a thorough understanding of the different types of men out there and what characteristics they possess. She also explores the values of failed relationships and how you can gain knowledge and appreciations to carry forward and attract Mister Right. This well rounded book offers varied perspectives allowing the reader a wonderfully clear picture of how to get the relationship they are looking for. Blechner’s exploration and gentle guidance through this sensitive topic offers the opportunity for clarity and freedom. Her honest approach and excellent advice will leave you knowing how to attract Mister Right and what to do once you have him. There is hope. I am so excited to have found this inspiring book. I highly recommend it!”

~ Ally McMahon, USA


Funny, Insightful Guide

This is a comprehensive guide to dating, relationships and love, but it is not a typical “how-to,” with the usual platitudes about how to find a successful relationship.  At the very beginning of the book, the Daniela Blechner talks about a “journey to completion and wholeness” and the focus here is on examining your dating patterns and examining how they may relate to your sense of self-worth. It uses humor, self-quizzes, anecdotes from other women and from a man to help give the reader insight into patterns of negative relationships.

This is not a book about man bashing, but a number of “types” are identified, including the parasite, the emotionally unavailable man, the habitual liar and men who are physically and/or emotionally abusive. It goes into detail about the way many women approach dating, putting these relationship styles into broad (often humorous) categories. I was able to find myself in several of the descriptions of the methods women use to find and keep relationships, and the categories helped me see, more clearly than I had ever before, how self-destructive and unproductive some of my techniques are. Also included are a man’s perspective and chapters on why we attract the wrong men and on the power of forgiveness and letting go of the past in order to move forward and create healthier relationships.

This book is really unlike any dating or relationship book I’ve read.  Blechner brings a great deal of compassion, insight and wit to the subject to create a book that provides a deeper understanding of yourself in relationships and that offers the means of breaking negative dating patterns.  If you are looking for a book that helps you understand the WHY of your negative dating patterns and then helps you figure out how to create more positive ones, as opposed to a book that offers a quick, superficial fix, I highly recommend “Mr. Wrong.”

~Ereviews, USA
























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